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The Erotic Datingservice.

All the advertisements contain photos, and are checked by our Dating team before we submit them to the Internet, this will guarantee you proper data in the advertisements

We hope you will enjoy our
free datingservice!!!

We are constantly updating our site to the needs and wishes of our visitors. Like this English version we've just made.

If you wish to contact us and / or give us input, reactions, you can mail them to:

DatingHolland is an new adult contact site on the Internet.

It is completely FREE and automatic. Nobody can mesh-up your advertisement. Only the team of DatingHolland will decide whether to publish it or not.

So just place your advertisement in the proper group and we will publish it within 12/24 ours on this site.

- There is a option to place an photo with your advertisement.
- We control the content and the e-mail address.
- 'Fake' advertisements will not be published, and their e-mail addresses will be listed on the blacklist.
- Commercial advertisements will not be published,or must placed in the ride categorie.

That's all.
Together we can make DatingHolland one of the top Dating sites in the world!.


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